They Came With Wings

by The Ambiguity

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My second set list is done :) please download and spread. Music should be a virus, so please take a listen and throw this someone else's way. If you know me in person, ask for an actual copy and I can get you one.

Here is what accompanies this album, each paragraph represents a track.

The angels, they are among us. Faceless creatures that drift about unnoticed, lending a hand to the unfortunate people engulfed by tragedy. Soldiers for a greater good, they are always present when souls are faced with the task of finding their place above the clouds to remain for their next life.
There are also those who are surrounded by shadows, becoming engulfed in the darkness, believing half promises and sly words convincing them to delve inside themselves to find evil, leaving their right minds to become shells of their former selves. Within themselves they become paranoid and lose their senses. The lines between right and wrong become dust as new lines of self interest and evil doings replace them on the chalkboard. Becoming delusional, the converted need only find their victims. They often recall the past, opening the door to unleash a torrent of suppressed memories and terrifying experiences.
These horrid memories decay inside us, eating us alive. As time progresses, they become more potent and distorted, causing reflection to be increasingly painful with every glance. Seeing the distorted image makes the people now engulfed with darkness snowball ideas of how to find vengeance, how to find retaliation, how to find closure to the long years of bitterness inside of them. Looks of depression turn into smiles ridden with evil intent. Even though everyone else may not know it, the deed is already done.
At this point in the mental breakdown, evil shadows resurface after listening in to the thoughts of the corrupted. They offer suggestions as if it were a grocery list. The shadows question our sanity, steering us towards the dark fork in the road, like the ones in the story books children read. By the time the suggestions of the shadows are offered, the deed is already set in stone.
Upon the provoked thoughts of the distorted past and the ultimate revenge come other thoughts akin to the decadence of society, often times one does not have to be insane to realize this. Why do people need all the things they have now that they did not have in earlier times? People today often have a number of items they do not require but could not live without. Digression is a terrible thing. In this view, the corrupted are cleansed from all cultural traits and may be reduced to wild savages, primitive beings who kill or are killed. Money turns into nothing more than paper used to buy tools to kill and food to eat.
While the angels float beside the corrupted, unable to do anything but prepare for the imminent disaster, the animalistic being, unable to be labeled human any longer, plans his attack, his grandiose farewell and retribution for all the little trespasses, grains of sand that built a castle in his mind, when in fact, high tide had washed away the little mound of sand ages ago... Loaded with arms, the corrupted set free a display of rage unlike no other, summoning fear and grief like they were tangible demons, allowing them run rampant throughout the course of the destruction of the future, the erasing of lives.
It was over, not only for the corrupted but for the victims and their families. The corrupted, now relieved of his own burden, removed himself from human persecution, only to find more severe penalties in his afterlife. The angels are busy handling the souls torn from their bodies and ushering them above the clouds, above the heavy rain, lightning, and storms. It had just begun for the countless families and friends.
Seeing an officer on your doorstep is always a terrible thing. Making the connection between his appearance and the twenty calls that the receiving end never answered is worse. Those three days aren't really days, simply a blur of seventy two hours before you finally realize the amplitude of the tragedy.
The deceased are not the only victims of this, anybody and everybody with even slight connections are troubled by this. What choice do this second wave of victims have but to keep living and do what they can to prevent such an event from occurring yet another time?
One can imagine how the word spread about, turning tragedy into a selling story, forcing everyone to rubberneck at even the mere mention of violence. The media knows are culture is addicted to violence, so they perturb every person they are able to, trying to find a mouth to speak about a blurred memory riddled with blood, screaming, fear, and death. Throughout this, families of victims become victimized themselves, they are badgered and plagued by an unending stream of questions, camera flashes, and rumors about something they are trying to deal as is...
The only things in sight were black dresses and black ties. A casket was closed in front of the alter. Later that day, the casket was lowered six feet into a place where it will rest, a commemoration of the life that left this earth to find a new home. Undoubtedly, this event occurred in too many places that day, the correct number of instances should have been zero. The souls that once were locked inside the buried bodies try to thank them, for they came with wings to guide the people above the clouds. The angels hear the praise and reply that it should be directed at Him, this is said without breaks in stride, the angels are too busy to chat, they must circle the world for more lost souls.


released 20 August 2012
Thanks to everyone who helped me craft the concept, music, art, and mental images!

There's a hidden track according to the album cover. Enjoy!



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The Ambiguity Woodbury, New York

Hello listener,

I'm Charlie Broderick and I make ambient electronic music. I try to stylize my sound but I also focus on the messages I send with my music. I hope you can enjoy listening to my music as much as I did making it. Thank you for checking out my page. Share this with your friends!

Thank you!

"The greatest crimes in the world are not committed by people breaking the rules."
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